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Catherine Hill Bay Land for Sale
29 May '20

Benefits of Purchasing Land for Sale Catherine Hill Bay


Beaches Catherine Hill Bay is a coastal community that sits in between two pristine beaches fronting the Pacific Ocean, in the magnificent Catherine Hill Bay. Designed with nature in mind, this coastal amphitheatre offers homeowners the convenience of modern living and the serenity of a beachside lifestyle. Whether you are looking for land for sale in Catherine Hill Bay to build a luxury holiday home or to settle as a resident, there are many reasons why you should consider Beaches Catherine Hill Bay.

1) Timing

There has never been a better time to create your ideal home and lifestyle. A number of home builders are offering significant incentives. From Montgomery Homes giving $50,000 of upgrades for $5,000, or Allam Property Group up to $20,000 off new home builds, it makes creating and designing your ideal lifestyle a much easier decision. And with the lowest interest rates in memory now is the time to buy your dream home site, while enjoying where you live has never been more important than it is today

2) Beach lifestyle

Picture yourself relaxing on the balconies of your private residence, soaking in the sunshine while sipping a chilled cocktail, with nothing but the soothing cool sea breeze interrupting the silence. When you move into Beaches, you can create a beautiful home where you and your loved ones can enjoy a quiet beachside life.

At Beaches, you can make the sun, sand, wind, and outdoors part of your daily life. Every evening, you can take leisurely walks on the long white sandy beaches and let the clean, blue waters cool your feet. You can also take relaxing swims, go paddle boarding on the calm waves, or wait for the winds to gather momentum to go windsurfing. There's never a dull moment.

With scenic views and surrounded by nature, Beaches gives you a fantastic opportunity to secure a lifestyle like no other just metres away from the beach!

3) Enjoy sustainable living

A new home – whether it's a private residence or a luxury home – should not just look good it should follow best practice sustainability principles. At Beaches we have installed an on-site waste water treatment plant which allows you to use recycled water on your lawns and gardens and for washing cars, flushing toilets and washing laundry. Water restrictions do not apply at Beaches, Catherine Hill Bay. 

4) Build your dream beachside home

So, you have been saving for years hoping that one day you will purchase land for sale in Catherine Hill Bay and build your dream home in a beachfront neighbourhood. Beaches has a variety of blocks with wide frontages for new home designs, befitting your residential needs. 

You can build a private residence or a luxury home complete with an outdoor pool and other facilities. Once you purchase your new home site, you can hire an architect to draw up a plan for your new family home or design your beach sanctuary that takes in surrounding coastal vistas.

5) A generous allotment of land 

Are you looking for a sizeable portion of land in the Beaches Estate? This expertly planned estate offers a range of sizes and frontages to suit just about every home style. Ranging from approximately 600 sqm to 990 sqm, where you will build your dream home, guided by the Development Control Plan (DCP). 

6) Great schools for your kids

In terms of schooling, there are a number of choices for young families. Including Nords Wharf Primary School and Swansea High School. Gwandalan Public School, Lake Munmorah Public School, and St Brendan's Catholic School are other fantastic schools, which are just 3-5 km away. 

7) Recreate your dream holiday

When you purchase land for sale at Catherine Hill Bay you are also making an investment in all this lifestyle has to offer. The serenity, scenic views, and all-year-round sunshine make it the perfect spot for your holiday home. The white sandy beaches will caress your feet, and clean blue waters cool your heels in summer. You can take nature walks, visit the national park, or even explore the pink caves near Moonee Beach. 

Just five to fifteen minutes’ walk from any block are two idyllic and secluded beaches - Moonee Beach and Middle Camp Beach, where you can go swimming or surfing. Lake Macquarie, Australia's largest coastal salt water lagoon with its spectacular views, is less than 10 minutes away! 

On weekends, you can drop the boat on its majestic waters and explore flora and fauna in this saltwater lake. There are many fishing, kayaking, and water skiing spots nearby. The southern shores of the lake is a bird area where you can watch swift parrots glide and Ospreys diving to pluck fish from the crystal clear waters.

8) Pleasant weather throughout the year

Beaches residents enjoy plenty of sunshine throughout the year. Skies are usually bright blue and clear with rays piercing the turquoise waters as sands glisten under the sun. Bays are calm, and the seas mostly warm during the day, allowing you to go for leisurely swims. 

Because there's sunshine throughout the year, you will enjoy many outdoor activities too. Water sports such as kite surfing are common and a great way to stay fit in a safe community that's fitness-orientated. On a typical day, you may find yourself strolling among joggers and surfers who enjoy the outdoors and beach lifestyle as much as you do.

9) Easily accessible amenities

About 90 minutes’ drive from Sydney's northern suburbs via the M1 freeway and 45 minutes south of Newcastle, the Catherine Hill Bay community is a place you can access quickly anytime. Swansea Township and Munmorah Shopping Centre, the local shopping area, are only 5 minutes away. Retail, health services, and recreational facilities are accessible. You can eat out or dine and wine in family-friendly restaurants such as The Blue Swimmer Bar & Bistro, Mawson, or Al Lago Italian Restaurant. Whether you need to buy groceries or visit a dentist or go out for dinner, you will spend no more than 15 minutes on the road. Everything is available within this locality.

Beaches Estate - Your Dream Home and Lifestyle Awaits

Beaches offers you the best opportunity to create the perfect lifestyle. The chance to build your dream home with all of the added personalised features you've always wanted. 

At Beaches, you can live your dream beachside lifestyle and enjoy scenic views of the Pacific Ocean every single day. 

You also have many opportunities for sightseeing and exploration. From kitesurfing and strolls along the white sandy beaches, to exploring the national park and nearby lakes, the Beaches community has it all. 

Moving to Beaches and living a dream lifestyle close to the beach is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Should you wish to know more, please download the brochure below.

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